How do I add a new DNS record to my DNS Zone file in cPanel?

cPanel comes built in with DNS Zone management features. You can add, update and delete your DNS zone records by going to the cPanel > Zone Editor interface.

Simply login to your cPanel account and click on the Zone Editor icon (shown below).

On the next screen, choose an action for the domain you wish to manage the DNS Zone for by clicking on the Manage button (far right), or add an A, CNAME or MX record right away using one of the given buttons.

While the add an A, CNAME and MX record actions seem handy, the pop-up based interface is a little cheesy, so select Manage and head into the more elaborate Zone Records interface.

On the Zone Records for your domain page (shown above), you can add any kind of DNS record by selecting the Add Record button (far right). You may also Edit or Delete a pre-existing record by choosing the Edit or Delete buttons besides it.

There’s also a Filter option to quickly view all the A, CNAME, MX, SRV or TXT records, so you can get a list of records for your selected record type.

That’s it! You should be on your way to adding, editing and deleting DNS Records for all your domains hosted in cPanel.

A word of caution though, updating DNS Records can be a little overwhelming, so if you need assistance, feel free to Submit a Request (top menu) and our team will handle this for you.