Can I request a backup of my website up to 90 days in the past?

While your organization must pursue its own backup and backup retention policy, all accounts hosted on the Spiderz cPanel network are backed up nightly.

Nightly backups are available on request for up to 90 days in the past and are made available upon request. Backups 91st day onwards are discarded. Backups for accounts that were cancelled or suspended are not available.

Access to past backups is provided in the form of a link that you may use to download your backup for the day you requested the backup for. You or your web developer are then responsible for restoring any files or databases from the backup. 

Backups are not restored for you on request. Backup restoration if performed by a Spiderz technician is billable (terms and conditions apply). 

To request a past backup of you website simply Submit a Request (top menu).