How do I access my backups, when generated via the cPanel interface?

All backups taken using the cPanel interface can be easily accessed from the cPanel > File Manager interface. cPanel backups are full, partial or user generated and can be downloaded easily.

Common cPanel backup locations when a backup has already been generated (requires you to generate a backup. No backups are made available automatically from within cPanel):

  • cPanel Full Account Backups are stored under your account’s home directory. You can access this location from cPanel > File Manager. Backups can also be downloaded from cPanel > Backup > Download a Full Account Backup (button) and a list of backups is available.
  • cPanel Partial Backups are generated on the fly and pushed to your local device via your web browser. These get stored on your device (computer or other) so look there!
  • Backups generated by creating a zip or tar file from within the cPanel File Manager interface are stored in the directory where they were compressed.