How do I backup my website?

Website backups are essential and may be generated in several ways (we discuss a few common ways in this article).

Using the cPanel Interface

The cPanel > Backup interface allows you to generate a Full Account Backup or download Partial Backups of your files (home directory) and MySQL databases.

The cPanel > Backup Wizard also allows you to back up all or part of your website, or to restore it from the most recent backup file.

Full Account Backups are stored in a single file archive within your account’s home folder and can be accessed from the cPanel > File Manager.

Using FTP

Website files can be downloaded using an FTP client program by connecting to your website using your FTP credentials (cPanel account information or an FTP account generated for you by your website admin).

Backing up files using FTP is a primitive method and may take a lot of time when compared to using the cPanel interface, however, the method is still used and may be the only go to method in some cases.

Remember the Database!

Backing up your website files isn’t enough when your website uses a database to store information. Websites powered by PHP or WordPress use the most common MySQL database.

Website databases are often missed out in backups (it happens!) and this is not only dangerous, in fact, there is no going back if the only backup you have are your website’s files and none for your database!