How do I download a backup of my home directory?

The home, /home or /home/[user] (where [user] represents your cPanel username) is the top level directory within your cPanel account. You can access the home directory from cPanel > File Manager.

To download a home directory backup, you can use the cPanel > Backup interface and generate a backup by clicking on the Home Directory button under the Download a Home Directory Backup sub-heading that’s under the Partial Backups heading! (yes, we know it’s somewhat disorganized!)

When you click on the Home Directory button an instant download begins and contents from within your home directory are compressed into a tar.gz file on the fly. The size of your backup depends on the size of your cPanel account so hang in there if you have a large website.

Once your backup has downloaded, you will need to uncompress its contents and interact with the files you need. Downloading a home directory backup is ideal when you want a quick backup prior to pushing website updates or trying the next big thing out there!