How do I download my website’s files (or code)?

Using cPanel Backup Features

The simplest way to download your website files, also known as your website root files or website’s code (that sounds crude!) is to use cPanel’s Backup interface or the cPanel Backup Wizard.

Guide: How do I backup my website?

Using cPanel File Manager

cPanel File Manager is ideal for generating full or partial backups of files and folders that you may need for various reasons, like backing up an ‘images’ folder or downloading a copy of certain files.

  • Login to cPanel then go to File Manager.
  • Your site’s files are under the /public_html/ folder.
  • You can download files and folders by creating a zip file (use the Compress) option.
  • Remember to delete the zip file after downloading it.

Using an FTP Client

Website files can be downloaded using an FTP client (program) by connecting to your website using FTP credentials (cPanel account information or an FTP account generated by your website admin).

  • Download an FTP client (FileZilla is free!).
  • Connect using your Hostname (domain name), Username and Password (cPanel credentials).
  • Once connected, browse to the /public_html/ folder under your account’s home directory.
  • Download any (or all!) site files or folders to your local computer.