How do I know my website is reaching its disk limit?

Web hosting plans are limited in terms of the number of resources assigned to them. One such resource that may run out is disk space. Low disk space on your server can cause problems.

There are several reasons why disk space may run out including large files within your website’s root, gigabytes of emails stored on the server, website statistics logs and other factors.

Disk space allocated to your account is also referred to as disk quota and can be easily checked from the cPanel interface – the Statistics column (to the right) displays disk usage:

Other ways to check disk quota include using the cPanel > Disk Usage feature. This allows you to monitor your account’s available space and take corrective action when possible.

Freeing up space may be a temporary solution, however in the long run, the best way is to choose a web hosting plan that offers adequate storage for website files, databases, email and backups.

Tip: Don’t fall for the ‘unlimited’ promise that some web hosts offer. The term when used, has policies attached to help keep usage within limits or under check. Isn’t that cheesy?