How do I install WordPress automatically (using cPanel WP Manager)?

cPanel bundles a feature called WordPress Manager which can be used to install WordPress automatically and avoid installing WordPress manually.

Log in to cPanel and head over to the WordPress Manager by clicking on the WordPress Manager icon under the Application blade:

Click on the Add New Site button:

You will be taken to the Site Software interface with options to install WordPress:

Select the Installation Domain where you want WordPress to be installed.

Keep in mind, installing WordPress at the wrong location can have catastrophic results. For example, if you install WordPress on a domain that already holds a running website, you’re going to overwrite it!

And remember, the default options only allow you to install WordPress in the root folder of a domain or subdomain. If you wish to install WordPress on a subdomain ( or in a subfolder (, click on the Show Advanced Configuration link and enter all the required information (it does become a little tedious, but hey, it’s still just a form!).

If everything seems fine, click on the Install button. WordPress installation now begins and Site Software gives a Success: Done! message if everything goes fine. The page also gives us a temporary username and password to login to WordPress (as shown below):

Interestingly, the interface does not share the WordPress Admin URL so if you’ve been searching, try this:

Enter the autogenerated username and password to login. Keep in mind, you may want to create a new Administrator account for yourself and remove the default account that is generated by the installer (after you login to WordPress Admin).

That’s it! Installing WordPress couldn’t be easier, though it can still be overwhelming. If you need our help, simply Submit a Request (top menu) and our team will be happy to install WordPress for you, in a jiffy!