My email account can’t send outgoing email. What must I do?

Sending email from your email account requires that your email client, e.g Microsoft Outlook is configured correctly. Email client settings vary depending on the type of service you are hosted on and may require you to have a technician configure your Mac or PC to get everything running smoothly. 

Besides having a properly configured email account, you may have anti-virus software or a firewall blocking you from connecting to our servers for email relay. If everything was just fine until a moment ago, you may want to look at the issue differently:

a. The email was sent from your computer and you have received a bounce (a response from the sending or receiving host with a reason for the bounce).

b. The email was sent from your computer however it was not delivered to the intended recipient. 

In both the above cases we need to probe Mail Delivery Reports and discover the reason for email delivery issues. To have us investigate your case, simply Submit a Request (top menu) to have us share your email client settings.