My website uses PHP 5.6 (ea-php56) which has reached its end of life. What do I do?

PHP 5.6 was one of the most popular go to versions of PHP with hundreds of thousands of websites using the PHP 5.6 (ea-php56) selector as part of cPanel MultiPHP Manager.

PHP 5.6 has reached its end of life and should not be used in a production environment. A list of PHP Supported Versions is available from at this URL:

To move to a newer version of PHP, you may change the PHP Version of your website to a newer version (e.g. PHP 7.1 or PHP 7.2) by going to cPanel > MultiPHP Manager. Please note that your website may not be entirely compatible with the newer versions of PHP and your web developer must run a test prior to any changes to your PHP version.

Our systems may not be able to support PHP 5.6 in future and it may be removed entirely. This is a good time to update your software to a newer version of PHP.