One of the emails I sent, hasn’t been received by the recipient. What must I do?

We all wish email deliveries were as robust as WhatsApp with two blue tick confirmations!

Bounce Notification

Sometimes an email to a regular contact may not be received by them. If you suspect one of your emails or a few to the same recipient are not reaching their destination, the sending or receiving host (server) would share a bounce with a reason of why the email was not delivered.

Reporting the bounce message or sharing the original or bounce notification as a .msg or .eml file helps us probe the reason for rejection. Simply Submit a Request (top menu) if you have received a bounce.

No Bounce and Filtered to Junk

In other cases you may never receive a bounce, for instance the email was sent successfully and got filtered into junk at the recipient’s end. Asking the recipient to check their junk or spam folder for your email may help. Asking them to save your email address or whitelist your email account would ensure further emails don’t end up in spam.

Advanced Delivery Issues

In specific instances we may be required to probe the reason of why email isn’t being delivered to your intended recipient by looking into Mail Delivery Reports. Simply Submit a Request (top menu) with details of the email you have sent (attach a .msg or .eml file) and share any details of the incident.