How do I update the TTL for my domain’s DNS records (A, CNAME, MX or other) in cPanel?

cPanel includes a feature called Zone Editor that allows management of DNS Zone records for all domain names under your cPanel account.

You can easily use the Zone Editor to update the TTL (Time To Live) value of your domain’s DNS records in cPanel.

To update the TTL of your DNS records (e.g. A, CNAME, MX or other records), head over to the Zone Editor by clicking on the cPanel Zone Editor icon:

On the next page, click on Manage besides the domain name to see all the DNS records for the domain:

This loads up the Zone Records for “” interface. To update the TTL of the record you wish to edit, simply click the Edit button besides the record and enter the new TTL value:

Click Save Record to save the new value. As always remember that DNS updates can take a while to propagate globally, so allow for time equal to the previous TTL value of the updated DNS record to elapse.

That’s it, updating the TTL of your domain’s DNS records can’t be easier. However, it can be overwhelming, so if you need help, simply Submit a Request (top menu) and our support team will gladly assist you in updating the TTL of your DNS record.