How do I whitelist all email from a domain in cPanel?

cPanel includes spam filtering capabilities powered by Apache SpamAssassin™ that filter inbound email for your email accounts.

The cPanel ‘Spam Filters’ interface available at cPanel > Spam Filters can be used to mitigate unsolicited bulk email (spam), and send it to a separate folder (Spam Box) or automatically delete it (Auto-Delete) from your email account.

However, there are times when email from a domain may be marked as spam by the system and you would want to have these emails in your Inbox, rather than having them moved to the Spam Box or auto-deleted.

The new cPanel interface isn’t great at letting you do this swiftly, so you have to pay a little more attention when trying to whitelist an email account or domain.

So, you can create a whitelist rule under the Spam Filters section in cPanel by following these steps:

cPanel > Spam Filters > Additional Configurations (For Advanced Users) > Click on Show Additional Configurations > Whitelist (Emails Always Allowed) > Edit Spam Whitelist Settings

Then click on Add A New “whitelist_from” Item to add a new field where you can enter a whitelist_from rule. As an example to filter out all email from a domain, enter:


Then click on the Update Whitelist (whitelist_from) button.

That’s it! Now all email sent by will be whitelisted and appear in your Inbox, rather than your spam folder.

You can find more information about the cPanel Whitelist (Emails Always Allowed) feature at this link:

Here are a few useful tips from that page:

When you add addresses to the whitelist, use * as a wildcard to represent multiple characters and ? to represent a single-character wildcard. The following examples demonstrate how to properly use wildcards in the whitelist: — Whitelists a single email address.

* — Whitelists all of the addresses at

? — Whitelists a single character in an address at (for example,, but not

You should be on your way to whitelisting email from legitimate senders when using cPanel email filtering powered by Apache SpamAssassin™.